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Leaky Deck Repairs

Many Auckland home owners are suffering the drip of leaky homes. One of the most common problems is a leaky deck. Waterproofed decks that have been built over living spaces often lead to weathertightness issues. Any failure in the deck's waterproofing means that moisture gets into the house, causing rot and compromising the supporting framing. The result can range from expensive structural damage to complete deck failure. 

To complicate matters, it can be difficult to gauge the condition or extent of any deterioration to your deck purely on its appearance. Some decks will look fine when in reality, water is getting underneath the surface and causing problems away out of sight. Untreated timber cantilevered decks are most at risk because they are unsupported at one end and can quickly become unsafe. 

leaky deck repairs Auckland

However, there are many styles of deck that have found to be problematic to some degree, from closed in decks with solid balustrades to any deck with poorly designed and undersized drainage outlets,. Other details we often find to be associated with leaky decks include waterproofing membrane failure, an insufficient fall to allow water to easily run off, and insufficient gaps between plaster cladding and deck surfaces which encourages moisture wicking.

Dealing with all of the problems associated with leaky homes and decks can be challenging. Partner with us to help you eliminate the stress and leave your deck maintenance and repairs to the experts. At Sure Coat, we are professionals and highly experienced in all aspects of deck waterproofing, remediation and leak repair. We can identify the problem and give you options that strive to bring you the greatest benefits for the best value, and with a focus on longevity.